Experience is the most important value!

One of the most beautiful aspects of photography is the power to attract the viewer to another world. This is what I wanted from the photo session I organized, to live a beautiful experience with other photographers attracted by challenges: a journey in the life of the Vikings.

After a few weeks of documentation, research, plans, ideas, inspiration, brainstorming, I found the perfect group to believe and get involved with creativity and enthusiasm in this story. Everyone’s ideas would be brought to life in the most realistic and interesting way.

The project, of a high complexity, involved a sustained effort meant to unite all the links: models, wardrobe and accessories, make-up, hairstyle, weapons, location and animals. I was lucky to find the perfect “Vikings” because they brought truthfulness and completed the whole image of the Vikings.

For the costumes, weapons and animals we worked with a true professional person (Vali Vasilescu) who has been involved since the first discussions with ideas / solutions from his own experience. He provided us furs, leather, jewelry, old belts, Nordic weapons, head protection, hands and feet protection, boots. We were impressed by the ease with which we worked with the wolves, with trained horses and with the birds of prey.

From the beginning I decided to work all day in the same location, in natural light, and not in the studio. At Vali’s suggestion, I chose a location in an isolated forest, with difficult access. But the effort was worth it. The shooting session was so successful, that I had to organize season 2, at request from people who saw the images from the first shooting.

You can see and SHOP all the Viking images by clicking this link.

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